Wednesday, September 5, 2012

shoe addiction

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Say 'hello' to the current state of my mini shoe collection in Dumaguete. Black and white is a recurring theme except for the pop of silver and deep purple. I've never been assertive on non-neutral colors when it comes to shoes. Probably never will be, even. 

Flatforms from Mags are entirely a not-so-recent acquisition. Got them at half the original selling price a few days before I left for home during the long break from school. Mags had recently opened here last year. I remember going into their old store venue somewhere in Divisoria in Cagayan de Oro with a girl friend from my early years in college. They've expanded exponentially in terms of branches now and I'm glad they reached Dumaguete City (and even Metro Manila) now. They're my current go-to for shoes along with Rusty Lopez while I'm here in Dumaguete seeing as there is a serious lack of a branch of Primadonna and Parisian c/o SM Department store here. Going to SM in Cebu for a quick look at what shoes they have is not an option seeing as I'm eternally stuck here at the moment with schoolwork and all. I'm not fond of a ton of things from Mags but they have decent footwear offerings and some dresses I like. It's nice to know a bit of home followed me to where I am today. Mags actually had its early beginnings in my home city hence the brief mention of the small store they had that I frequently visited in the past. SM Cagayan de Oro and Lim Ketkai branches of Mags has, since then, become even more classier from their humble beginnings. Information on Mags can be found in their site here and their rarely accessed and updated Twitter here.

Shoes will always be my addiction it seems. It overrides anything else I obsess with minus fandom where it's mostly a momentary obsessions zone from one fandom thing to another.

Ah, it's time to get productive. There are a ton of things to finish today. My to-do list is full to the brim. Class begins again tomorrow and I have readings to finish. State of life is eternally chaotic with literary papers to start and finish, reports to deliver and all things like them. All I've really done most of yesterday and today is gawk at things on ebay. I'm currently adding a ton of non-fiction books to the watchlist thinking about when I can get most of the things---books and everything else---in that said list.     

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