Sunday, September 2, 2012


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 1. Guava Jelly from Kablon Farms and Skyflakes Fit; 2. iPad and Nikes :); 3. snow white animal print seriously comfy lounge/sleep wear I tend to bring out as a dress at times; 4. Amuse's stage actor/gen. actor Mizuta Kouki ringing in September :D (because he might be lonely at home and unused, I brought him along to Dumaguete City XD)

Listing down an electronic kettle as a need this month. I can't survive without one seeing as I need my coffee in the afternoons or the mornings. It's so hard to keep myself awake without any coffee, at all. I can't even concentrate on my readings. Currently reading Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth with Saeki Yusuke playing in the background. Perfect Sunday afternoon spent on academic and leisure readings, coffee and easy-going Jpop music.

Last night, two dorm mates and I got together for dinner and a long walk from the famed Rizal Boulevard to the dorm and from the dorm to Silliman Beach which had people hanging out, drinking themselves merry and drunk. We headed there just for random chatter and well, looking into the sea and sky which was lovely when the full moon came out. It was a cloudy night. There was talk of pirates, their ships, ghosts, monsters from local lore and psychopaths (thanks to one of my companions during the long walk having had studied Psychology---abnormal psychologically specifically, before shifting to Biology here) which was pretty typical us, weird thoughts, weird topics for chatter. Mostly fantastical because, I suppose, at least 2/3rds of the three of us are typical dreamers. We also talked of birthdays. I ended up dreading how I would celebrate my 25th this year with new-found friends. I'm currently thinking a birthday cake and organic wine is mandatory. I'm celebrating it twice. Once with friends here, then a second time with bffs back home with Masquerade as a theme.   

And yep, I've been around Dumaguete City since Thursday. Now going back to regular Literature Studies life. I'm off to finish some reading in my lonesome self in the dorm room my room mate just momentarily vacated. 

Also about the 7.9 earthquake around Eastern Samar last Friday...a ripple of it was felt around Dumaguete City and neighboring Visayas islands. It went even as far as Manila and my home city, Cagayan de Oro although true to the ripple effect, the earthquake felt in those areas were weaker as the ones felt around Eastern Samar's neighboring islands. Since living a large fraction of the past couple of years in Dumaguete, I don't remember a year devoid of strong earthquakes anymore. Last year, there was one around the same time with the epicenter around La Libertad and Guihulngan causing the destruction of some infrastructures. It's becoming worrisome how earthquakes have been growing stronger and occurring more frequently now.

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