Wednesday, July 12, 2017

sometimes i get stumped at styling certain pieces too

tank, tally weijl. skirt, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. bag, gifted by aunt. bangles, vintage & Dumaguete City souvenir shop.

One reason why I avoid printed and varied colored clothing pieces is because I'm usually at a loss on how to style them. This tank has been posted about on this blog once because of exactly that. Thanks to the numerous black skirts I've accumulated over the years of thrifting and non-thrifting, I'm not as stumped anymore on how to style something like this. Ah! Separates (in mostly neutral shades)! They really are a lifesaver to have when one needs a certain, not-so versatile piece to style in a way that's not too over the top. I don't really style a printed top with a printed bottom unless both are of the same print or design. But one day, who knows? I might just break that one set rule of mine. I've known myself over the years to break and/or bend rules to suit my mood/liking at times...especially when it comes to personal style/fashion.

....and a new find from a couple nights ago or so for today's music recommendation: 
I've made a new playlist on the itunes that contains indie and mainstream pop, indietronica, indie synthed rock, some house music and named it accordingly. But because it's mainly comprised of tracks I find and end up being obsessed with for a certain time, I'm currently contemplating renaming it as "(my personal) obsessions". But I probably wouldn't. I'll think of something else to fit it... you know what kind of music I listen to when it comes to everything western music and some local (although I didn't include anything local on the playlist seeing as so few of them fit the style of the ones in this one...). Not even going to lie, I could put this playlist I made on eternal repeat or loop and I wouldn't tire of listening to its contents regardless of them, the contents, being a mess of sorts. The tracks in it can be classified as multi-genre-d that it has proven difficult to classify and divide them into the correct sub genres. All I know is their main umbrella genre is pop. Surprisingly the playlist doesn't sound too disjointed when transitioning from one track to the next. Usually, a mixed genre playlist gives off that vibe especially if everything in it is, well, random. If I focused more on mainstream pop than dividing my time between checking on that and the vast world of (mostly undiscovered?) indie pop, I don't think this would have been the case of playlist making... It's nice to have variety in music even if its mostly pop in the library. I'm looking forward to adding more to the playlist as I go on and try to discover---I do this by looking into the contents of playlists of different kinds (though I often linger in the deep house, tropical house and indie pop ones...) posted on youtube mostly---more music from indie artists and mainstream ones alike, local or not.

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