Wednesday, July 5, 2017

a dusty rose number

dress top & hat, what a girl wants (may this local-ish brand R.I.P....). slip dress (inner dress), vintage. clutch, from an aunt. wedges, primadonna philippines/ph. bangle, vintage. 

The dress/vest thing is the last tagged item I own from the local brand, What a Girl Wants that closed about two years ago or so. (RIP, WAGW. /cries.) I should probably wear this one out more often. It's not ideal for the rainy season---we've had rains in the afternoons this week and it's threatening to rain at the moment---but it's fine for the sunshiney days. I'm still thinking of ways to wear this dreamy dusty rose-colored (I love this particular shade of rose!) piece out. It goes past the knees when it's not held around the waist by a belt as in when worn this way but it's pretty freeing without the belt as it is with the belt. I'm going to have to look for a better belt to fix this up with. I used the navy blue one from another dress for this and that set is up for auction on my ebay. I feel like something in deep brown or a lighter shade of brown will make this outfit attempt work better the next time.

....and I have a date to the cat cafe with the best friend tomorrow. Yay~ Fun~

Photobucket is acting up and may well be on its way to its death slash self-destruction, by the way, so I'm using Google Photos now to host the photos on here with. I'll alternate this with Flickr, I suppose. That is, until I find another image hosting site that's similar to really early, highly functional and convenient Photobucket. Suggestions, anyone? PB is currently charging about 400 USD just so its users can continue to hotlink photos from their accounts on said site---something people with sane minds are just thinking: 'no, no way, nuh-uh'---to their blogs, websites and more and since then, I've given up on it. 400 USD annually is too much to pay for just such simple service, in my opinion. I'm likely not the only one not liking where the direction PB is going... But whatever, it's all up to PB's management now.

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