Friday, July 7, 2017

rainy day outfit number 1

dress, from Hongkong (I don't remember which factory outlet store it came from...). corduroy jacket and boots, vintage.

If this blog had a hall of fame where a certain piece I wear in its photos can make it to based on the number of times they have appeared here, this corduroy jacket would have made it there. This jacket has appeared in this blog one too many times to count. It's no doubt, a personal favorite. Since the time I gave away my denim jacket that could have been the IT piece here, this will have to do instead. 

It was raining this afternoon so this is rainy afternoon outfit number one. Everything worn here I've already talked about in previous posts so I'll end clothes talk here.

I spent a good portion of this afternoon reading the fashion industry news posts on Ohnotheydidnt. Note: I'm only a lurker on ONTD, not a commenter/poster and I occasionally only really go there for updates on...stuff. There were a couple of such fashion industry news posted there: True Religion filing for bankruptcy and a new Vogue UK editor shaking things up in the way the magazine is run (and starts off by firing one long-time staffer/editor among others). 

True Religion...I'm not really knowledgeable in the jeans/denim part of the fashion industry seeing as I don't own a lot of those. I'm pretty familiar with True Religion from the ads on fashion magazines. If memory serves me right, they advertise on Nylon and I think, Vogue US as well. I don't own a pair of TR jeans however, and nor have I gone into a store of theirs when with family in the US (SoCal). When it comes to jeans/denims, I'm really more of a Levi's girl. Gap's is okay too but the one or two Gap jeans I own have been turned into denim cut offs so I have no full opinion on their jeans either. Regarding this, and although I'm not a fan of the brand (the ONTD comments say a pair from the brand is expensive, selling for more than 200 USD each so it's only natural that I'd skip...), I say I feel bad for the retail jobs that's been lost since this happened.

No lies, I'm excited about how Vogue UK will turn out with the shake down from up top. Based on the comments on the ontd post on this, it looks like it's going to be good and worth the anticipation. I own about a couple of back issues of Vogue UK and to be honest, I haven't been a Vogue UK fan in terms of fashion magazine contents. I'm not much into Vogue US and AUS either and I have back issues of those, too. I can only find about 1-2 articles in an issue that's worth reading when I flip through those I have and other times, there's nothing worth reading. Those three tend to be really bland in terms of contents. US Vogue also tends to have quite a ton of ads the whole magazine feels very...overwhelming. French Vogue seems to be the only one worth getting into since the 00s. I'm really more of a Nylon reader/fan and Teen Vogue. Other than those two, I'd like to try Australia's Russh and stick with the Japanese fashion magazines (Vivi is a favorite!). Well, we'll see how Vogue UK's shake up changes things in terms of its contents and the magazine's relationship with their readership base. I'll try to look for back issues of it in the Booksale when I can since the new ones often cost a lot when bought here from Fully Booked or National Bookstore, hot off the press.        

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