Thursday, July 6, 2017

skirt (shorts, denim cut-offs) & t kind of gal

t, forever21. skirt, vintage. bag, gifted by a classmate (from years ago). wedges, primadonna philippines.

If there are jeans and t girls, I'm the skirt(& shorts/denim cutoffs) and t girl equivalent. The main reason for this is Philippines climate. Temperatures range from 27-28 degrees celsius this week alone in the city I'm in:
The range of temperature here makes the city seem a lot cooler than in the metro up north (Manila). In the metro (NCR/Manila), daily temperatures for the week reach up to 31 degrees c. Regardless, because Philippines is an island nation in the Pacific, it's always better to be safe than sorry in terms of daily dressing up. I ascribe to this default uniform not because I hate jeans/denims but because it's too hot to actually wear one most days of the week.  Jeans just don't seem to be a feasible everyday item to wear around here. Thus, most of the jeans I own have been cut off... If I need to wear something that covers the legs more, I'm the type to spring for the trousers or the faux trousers that actually are leggings. They're so much more comfortable to sport in this heat. 

It's the suede skirt again. I'm a serial repeat offender when it comes to a number of my favorite pieces. This skirt is quickly becoming one of those thus the second time wearing this here, on the blog.  I haven't really added anything new to the wardrobe since a couple or three months ago's trip to the local thrift stores with an aunt. So I'm currently making do with what I own. I do have a few new things on the racks (all thanks to the aunts and the grandmum in California!) but it usually takes me long to decide when to take their tags off and actually wear them. I tend to wait for the right occasion to be able to wear newly acquired pieces of clothing and accessories. I avoid the habit of frequently, impulsively shopping this way. (Note that I was an impulsive shopper since the college and graduate school years and have since learned to reign the urges in to stick to a strict budget and a leaner, more functional wardrobe in the process.) I can last about a quarter of the year to a half, not shopping for anything new to add to the wardrobe unless they're needed. I can stretch the no-buy period to a year but I really wouldn't nor would I advise doing so.

The staples post I was supposed to do since eons ago? I'm working on it... It should be up by next week if I can manage to take photos of everything I use on a daily basis. I already have about 27 or so items photographed so I'm getting there. It's basically like what my loose wardrobe capsule looks like when dissected and grouped into certain clothing categories.

Enough clothes talk. I may have come to terms that my hair is forever a mess and forever will be such a mess. This is second day hair with spritz of DIYed surf spray and no hair all, unless you count my running my fingers through it before shooting these photos, just to roughly fix it. I don't think I'll be able to save it from being a mess as it has been so since I played with bleaching it blond late last year while with relatives in Long Beach, California. Since then, I've been maintaining it by bleaching it at least twice when I can. This is just the longest I've gone not bleaching it as the roots in the photos indicate the jet black is growing out again. I'll have to get it bleached again somehow next week. I have no intention yet of going my natural black way again---maybe next year, when I get tired of the blond/lighter shade but I doubt it. I feel very me in the lighter hair shade at the moment.

I haven't talked fandom (in this case, mostly jpop music) in a while. I'll just leave yt clips here of music videos I'm currently addicted to/obsessed with:
I'm currently drowning myself in everything summery jpop these days... (give me more, please? and thank you!) Da-iCE's Kimi Iro's full-length music video needs to be released soon, by the by. They'll have to do so in their vevo page on youtube one day. Until then, this, on loop will tide me over until the single is officially released. It's not summer here in the tropics/islands anymore---wet season is in but the days are still hot and humid so still summer? I don't really know either but that's pretty normal here---but these releases make me feel like it still is and that, in itself, is enough. Summer is my favorite season so I'm pretty spoiled now due to my faves' summer music releases and, of course, the year 'round climate.

Anyone else releasing summer bops? No one else? Okay then.

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