Friday, July 14, 2017

two favorites

tank, bench ph. skirt and corduroy jacket, vintage. heels, zalora ph. clutch, gifted by aunt.

Two favorites are in for today's outfit: the corduroy jacket and the skirt. These two are the most reached for items in my wardrobe. As in, I reach for them and a plain top when in a hurry to go out at night or on some cloudy and a tad bit colder days. Hence, why the jacket is seen almost all the time on this blog.

Also, I'll finally post the wardrobe (basics?) dissection tomorrow. I was supposed to do a double post today but I haven't even fixed the photos on the folder I've designated for this one. I also have not finished taking photos of other items to be included in said post. 

Meanwhile, here's something I'm addicted to, music-wise:
On some parts of the song (the lyrics, that is), it gets emotionally heavy but otherwise, I love the tune. It's really groovy and the music video is epic. 

mood/currently listening to: Love Coach by ZE:A (kpop)

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