Monday, July 10, 2017

DIY Monday: tie dyed tank from a t

tank, a t turned (diy-ed) tank gifted by an aunt. cutoffs, gap. boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora ph. backpack, gucci (thrifted/vintage and most probably authentic). bangle, vintage.

Beginning Saturday night, last weekend, I was bitten by the DIY bug after puzzling over how I owned one too many t-shirts from random events (like benefit walks, family events and more...) and not enough tanks and such to keep the daily humidity and heat at bay. This shirt which is really cozy, by the way, was one of the many I'd ended up cutting, sewing a tiny bit and customizing to the length and cut of my liking. There are a few others that met my scissoring and mediocre, at best, skill of running and/or back stitching. There are also still a few others I haven't decided what to do with yet but I'll eventually get to customizing them with the scissors, as well as the needle and thread. ....maybe later.
I would have liked this t a bit more destroyed and the print faded in the pretty vintage-y way but this will do for now. It might reach that through more washes. At least, to me, it's so much more wearable now for the day and sleeping in. I like clothing that's perfect for both and tanks, cropped and not, are that for me even though I like ts as much.

I'm currently in the process of making braided headbands from the excess t fabric to gift this year to girl friends and more.

DIY Mondays should be a thing, no? Well, then, just occasionally as I don't really DIY stuff as much.

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