Tuesday, August 26, 2014

movie date

(photos by Jan Michelle Dumlao)

Right after Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, which was awesome despite some modifications to the original storyline that were actually expected (condensing a 5-10 episodes of an arc of the anime [or manga] into one 3-hour movie is never easy), by the way, at the SM cinemas. Of course, some  fooling around at Dunkin Donuts and a bit of window shopping were done.

vintage/secondhand everything, shoes and necklace: forever21

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

sort-of boyfriend jeans

gifted Glo cropped jeans; hanes t; random bangles, sunglasses and rings; primadonna shoes; secondhand bag; wagw hat; f21 arrow and gifted K-pendant necklace, (not seen on photo); SM accessories  cross earrings

Ran an errand for mum then running more errands in the afternoon which includes stopping by the PRC office to get my teaching license renewed. Definitely loathing the sun today and changing into a pair of leggings to look even more unkempt before I head down to the mall to inquire about something, not so much as to shop as I haven't done that in eons now all the while wishing I were in a pair of denim shorts or something airier...like, maybe a skirt instead. Nothing's stopping me from dropping by the Robinsons' department store by Ayala Centrio today to check if they have any more basics like the baseball t I wanted for quite awhile now I could abuse almost daily, though so definitely something I'd do today.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

honey + sugar body scrub update

It's not only the wardrobe that has gone into a minimalist phase. Even on my everyday beauty products that I use in the shower and out, I've also gone natural. This means less usage of such products with chemicals that are difficult to decipher whether they are harmful or not, more of those with the natural, unharmful ingredients such as those from Human Heart Nature or Human Nature among others. If it's not the products of the said brand then I would play with stuff in the kitchen and those you can easily buy from the market to make products I can add to the daily beauty routine apart from concocting varieties of the green smoothies I now consume for breakfast or dinner almost daily. One such example is the honey and sugar body scrub I use that I have now updated with papaya and vitamin E oil. Or it could work with just papaya because you're in the shower anyway and oil and water do not mix so easily.

I'm not quite sure yet if using it does wonders for the skin because I've only started using it for a few weeks but it does have its good effects and it is quite an effective body scrub. What I do like about it is that it does not break the bank at all and everything for it is in the kitchen...or the market, whichever you prefer to get your ingredients from. Aside from that, this would even make a great gift to friends and family during Christmas or their birthdays and other such occasions. Just place it in a presentable, beautiful packaging and it's good to go as a home made, all-natural present they could really use.

I'm exploring a few more things I can make at home for beauty and health/wellness purposes and I think being a naturalista this way, making it a career as well as life, is becoming easier and more rewarding the longer I get more into making natural beauty, health and wellness products at home. Here's to my journey then on becoming a budding naturalista! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014


DIY sleeves-cut random shirt and denim cut-offs, Payless boots, thrifted Gucci bag, random dreamcatcher necklace (from Aizilim) and stacked F21 bangles 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jpop recc: White Jam

(image from http://www.cdbanq.com/White-Jam--Natsu-Nante-Japan-CD-UMCK-5478_p_157138.html)

Currently listening to this on a lazy Sunday afternoon after having gone to my younger brother's family day at the high school I graduated from. I'd rather really not remember much of my high school years because it was more boring than fun. It's a rather lazy Sunday we're having and I should probably be somewhere with a book to read by now. I have a few things to study before September comes around and I would be in Dumaguete City again by then to try to finish the Masters course.

White Jam music is pretty chill and 夏なんて (Natsu Nante) is one summer-perfect anthem. Listening to the whole single minus 夏なんて's karaoke version feels like watching a concert of theirs or listening to radio show though I only really understand a little of what they're saying. Skip and シロセ塾校歌 ~夏合宿Ver.~ feat.シロセ塾講師&塾生 are perfect for lazy afternoons. They're your typical chill music. They're even worth listening to at night, as you go to sleep.

I don't recall being this enthusiastic about urban/hiphop/rap, r&b music. It used to not really be my kind in the distant past but now I'm hugely into it which is kind of surprising. I guess, my being into this type of music is all thanks to Jpop...and Kreva for wonderful Japanese rap music which is completely different from the many western music of this kind I've come across with in the past (late 90's to early 2000s). It takes me awhile to warm up to a lot of new genres of music and new artists but with White Jam (and Vimclip and Da-iCE), getting into their music was quite easy. Much of theirs are pretty catchy and modern. I'm also currently digging into a lot of electronic dance music lately so that explains Vimclip and Da-iCE among others. (Calvin Harris, Avici, etc for western EDM.) 

(image from http://wowcdo.com/cdo-fiesta/higalaay-kagay-festival-2014-schedule-activities-higalaaycdo/)

August. It's that time of the year for us, Kagay-anons. So much festivities bu I'm probably only going to participate with the marathon, the 3K run one with dad if I can get him to sign up for it with me. It sounds fun. It also means I need to start training for it ASAP. I'm also thinking of watching the fashion shows lined up from August 8-10. We'll see. 2014 looks like a fine time for the fiesta or something. I haven't been home for the last one but I'm here now so might as well get to it.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Hi! I have yet to fall off the edge of the earth but I haven't. I'm going back to my nomadic life by September (next month) to finally finish my thesis and graduate by March this 2014-2015 school year. More beach trips are also being planned including one on my birthday---probably just an overnight trip.
What have I been up to recently? Hmn...about 2-3 weddings---none of them are mine, I enjoy my freedom too much to think about ever getting tied down and settle down like the rest of the world does at this age---and an alumni homecoming event in our local Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club House which also isn't mine but my dad's and uncle's. I hardly attend these events though I've graduated from college and high school long ago.

Random shoot thanks to my younger brother and some photobooth fun was had last Sunday. Then I had to do something about the state of the stuffiness of the bedroom. It now looks like the bedroom of an undergraduate college student away from home despite missing the clothes rack I'm having made to compensate for the small built in closet I have. It's not enough to house all my clothes, really and I don't even have that much. At least, without the huge computer table I hardly use as I perch myself in the smaller one on most days, it's less stuffier now in the bedroom. Oh and of course, more light!

(my photos)
wearing: gifted black dress, forever21 boots, forever21 necklace, secondhand Anne Taylor Loft hoodie, gifted ninewest red clutch  

I'm officially pescetarian. I've been living on green smoothies in the mornings and sometimes, the evenings or lunch time. If it's not that then at least it's a salad or some seafood. So...yay! That's one step away from becoming vegan, I guess. I'll get there soon.