Friday, August 1, 2014


Hi! I have yet to fall off the edge of the earth but I haven't. I'm going back to my nomadic life by September (next month) to finally finish my thesis and graduate by March this 2014-2015 school year. More beach trips are also being planned including one on my birthday---probably just an overnight trip.
What have I been up to recently? Hmn...about 2-3 weddings---none of them are mine, I enjoy my freedom too much to think about ever getting tied down and settle down like the rest of the world does at this age---and an alumni homecoming event in our local Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club House which also isn't mine but my dad's and uncle's. I hardly attend these events though I've graduated from college and high school long ago.

Random shoot thanks to my younger brother and some photobooth fun was had last Sunday. Then I had to do something about the state of the stuffiness of the bedroom. It now looks like the bedroom of an undergraduate college student away from home despite missing the clothes rack I'm having made to compensate for the small built in closet I have. It's not enough to house all my clothes, really and I don't even have that much. At least, without the huge computer table I hardly use as I perch myself in the smaller one on most days, it's less stuffier now in the bedroom. Oh and of course, more light!

(my photos)
wearing: gifted black dress, forever21 boots, forever21 necklace, secondhand Anne Taylor Loft hoodie, gifted ninewest red clutch  

I'm officially pescetarian. I've been living on green smoothies in the mornings and sometimes, the evenings or lunch time. If it's not that then at least it's a salad or some seafood. So...yay! That's one step away from becoming vegan, I guess. I'll get there soon.  

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