Sunday, August 10, 2014

honey + sugar body scrub update

It's not only the wardrobe that has gone into a minimalist phase. Even on my everyday beauty products that I use in the shower and out, I've also gone natural. This means less usage of such products with chemicals that are difficult to decipher whether they are harmful or not, more of those with the natural, unharmful ingredients such as those from Human Heart Nature or Human Nature among others. If it's not the products of the said brand then I would play with stuff in the kitchen and those you can easily buy from the market to make products I can add to the daily beauty routine apart from concocting varieties of the green smoothies I now consume for breakfast or dinner almost daily. One such example is the honey and sugar body scrub I use that I have now updated with papaya and vitamin E oil. Or it could work with just papaya because you're in the shower anyway and oil and water do not mix so easily.

I'm not quite sure yet if using it does wonders for the skin because I've only started using it for a few weeks but it does have its good effects and it is quite an effective body scrub. What I do like about it is that it does not break the bank at all and everything for it is in the kitchen...or the market, whichever you prefer to get your ingredients from. Aside from that, this would even make a great gift to friends and family during Christmas or their birthdays and other such occasions. Just place it in a presentable, beautiful packaging and it's good to go as a home made, all-natural present they could really use.

I'm exploring a few more things I can make at home for beauty and health/wellness purposes and I think being a naturalista this way, making it a career as well as life, is becoming easier and more rewarding the longer I get more into making natural beauty, health and wellness products at home. Here's to my journey then on becoming a budding naturalista! 

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