Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The New Line (Elle Sweden)

(src: tfs)

I must admit Josephine Aune has won me over her styling after seeing this while browsing through the Elle magazine thread on tfs. Sporty-casual is what I'd like to call it. She's definitely made it to the my favorite stylists as even her way of dressing for events reflects her casual-cool styling---black, black and more black. Just how lounge-worthy (I'd live on it) is that Stella McCartney overall? Also, the Idja Sjostedt, Whyred skirts had me from the start on this one along with the skateboards. I'd invest in a skateboard probably when I'm off to a sunnier place...or the beach though I'm likely to be horrible at it. I do remember being curious about them when I was younger... I'm currently eying skirts of the same caliber (and one romper) from the local What a Girl Wants. Hmn...they would be a handsome reward for work done in about 2-3 weeks, I hope...unless they don't get sold out too quickly. I've seen lots of wearable summer pieces from that shop on my visit last week with a friend and have seen a few good ones on their online shop as well.

This definitely will tide me over until the Friday/Saturday run session I have planned in the week.

And yep, summer is definitely a-commin'~ It's that time again to stock up on summer essentials both on the wardrobe and out. News is that Dad's team of workers and his colleagues have planned on a Dumaguete-Siquijor trip over the summer. I'm beyond the moon on this one. For one, I get to go back to the city I study in sans not yet finishing my thesis semester (I'll do that over the summer, I have a plan...finally. LOL) and probably finally touring and living in the island (Siquijor) for a good 2-3 days. But I'd love to go back there on my own or with just a friend or two than with a big group to be honest.

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