Tuesday, March 11, 2014

JMagazine: Vivi

photos from vivi c/o Zasshiko, collage by me

I've always been a big fan of Japan's Vivi for all the photos they can place in one page of the magazine. Every page looks so productive and inspiring that I don't really mind at all if it looks a bit cluttered. And as of the recent issues that came out this year and last year, my top favorite Vivi models are Reina Treindl and Lena Fujii. I'm, at the moment, acquainting myself with the rather new Vivi models like Maggy, Sara Mary and Elli-Rose among others but it's just really such fun to flip through every page even when I only have that one copy from from two years ago during spring/winter season. 

What's really nice, what I really like about Vivi rather is that most of those on the pages can be found on Runway-Webstore, my favorite destination for all things Japanese fashion. They've really got interesting things there. Also, there's the fact that AAA's Uno Misako got me into Emoda...well...that can't really be changed. There are other labels that are just as interesting as Emoda, there, too. It's nice to see that there are a lot more labels selling their stuff there today when there were so few of them two years ago or so. 

In other news, I'm making myself busy with reading, studying and writing my Masters thesis. My target is to finish the thing by May then present it from June-October. I've also been sending some applications here and there for part time writing gigs. All these done in between thinking of what to post on an almost-daily basis if you notice I'd religiously done so last week before missing another two days of posting days. Hey, it was the weekend! Just so you know...I never had anything done that time, too except run on Saturday then read and attempt to finish some work on Sunday.

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