Saturday, November 14, 2015

two-tone felt coat

To get or not to get, that is the huge question. I need to pack for the cold weather by the end of this month and I feel a coat like this would be something perfect to have in the suitcase. I'm still conflicted regardless of 350 Php being a pretty decent, really affordable price for it (it's on sale at the showagw site!) because it's two-tone---I would be stumped as to how to style it as I feel I'm often better with the one-color/one-shade kinds---in opposite shades and made of felt fabric/material. I don't know exactly if felt can help me withstand the cold in Philadelphia, first trip to the US (and spending a good 5-7 days there) before going to the sunnier state of California. It's in large which is likely oversized which is something I'd probably really like. How it's styled here isn't exactly the way I'd wear this thing should I end up eventually caving in and getting it.

see it here

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