Thursday, November 12, 2015

blazer and striped shirt combo

Surprisingly, these gladiator-esque heels are the easiest to walk in against the other one that's in really thin wedges. I'll try the socks and heels thing next time. They look pretty rad in a ton of magazines I've been perusing.

Originally, the shorts are long-ish but it has this mechanism you can role its sleeves (?) up and pop and lock it up. 

The blazer's buttons have leaves printed on them and it's going to up on sale some time soon. How soon? I'm not so sure yet as I will be away to somewhere from December this year onto the next. 
Primadonna heels; vintage/second hand shorts, shirt and blazer; forever21 and others necklaces; Ninewest bag; black bangles/bracelets from a souvenir shop in Dumaguete City; vintage/second hand silver bangle/bracelet rings (not pictured), from a local shop from ages ago.

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