Tuesday, January 7, 2014

new year, new beginnings

It's been awhile. I've had about 0 motivation this past almost-2-months on a ton of things hence the really long absence in the blogosphere. It happens as personal drama, whether I like it or not, happens a lot. I spent the whole time de-cluttering life (not only the bedroom) in general. I'm still in the middle of it. I also spent it thinking through a ton of things for this year and it seems I've reached a decision, which does not include terminating this blog/project, which is primarily to try for a teaching post at 2 universities here. Yep, it's high time that happened. I'm still stuck in the middle of masteral thesis writing however which is a pain that, I imagine, a lot of those who are graduating that stage in the academic life experience. Good luck to all of us!

I've also decided to pick up a tripod along the way because my dad is hopeless at lending me his---he can't even find it. Ha. Therefore, hopefully, more outfit photos (I prefer not to call it selfy/selfies just because...*insert horrified expression here at said overused term*) this year and not just a trickle of such photos or blog posts. Lastly, I'll focus on what's accessible to the lot of us here while maintaining a minimalistic, whimsy air this time around. Cotton On has just opened at Ayala Centrio and they also have Mango so, whoopee! Numerous trips to the Robinsons Department store also gave me a glimpse of their decent shoe collection and bags. I haven't really done accessible stuff in a long time mostly because I'm not frequent shopper while at home but we'll see about that this time around while still remaining a not-so-frequent shopper.

So, I hope y'guys enjoyed the holiday celebrations because I somehow managed to have good ones in this year spending them at home and with the family and friends mostly. 

Here's to more for 2014!

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