Friday, January 10, 2014

heads up, 2014 coming through!

This week has been... Well, the whole month of December until this week has been all about de-cluttering and organizing tons of things namely, life. I figure I've made it a mission to do that every break I get and I had a pretty long one. To be quite honest, I'm still not sure when to get back in the grind which includes masters thesis and work mostly because I haven't been handed one by the boss who still seems to be on vacation mode and it's already the first week of January, not that I'm complaining, but I'm pretty sure this spell has to be broken sometime this month and the next. Life choices are cropping up and it's high time to grab onto them. Well, hullo 2014, now what's up with this year in general? Here are a few I have in mind:

  • Well being (health and lifestyle)
I'm officially pescetarian. Hoorah! But I can't still lay off the dairy and the occasional white bread and rice. That has to be remedied somehow but the lack of nondairy substitute choices for regular milk and yogurt is discouraging in this side of the world. All we have in the grocery stores are soy milk (in different flavors) and dairy yogurt. It's the same where my mother gets her supply of yogurt---the local Ateneo's own farm, Manresa.  
  • Everything else: Minimalization
Minimalism. That's exactly why I am de-cluttering in the first place. It's that time to get rid of books I hardly open since I have a small shelf in the bedroom. Or maybe it's time to get one room in this house to turn into a library? It's also that time to get rid of stuff in the closet and the shoe rack that are hardly used. I'm still contemplating what to do with the lot of them. Some are likely to be up for sale online sometime soon. 

Even if I've set up a more minimalist wardrobe, chucking away the more frivolous clothing I own, I won't exactly be following the minimalist lifestyle. It seems, upon my reading, a lot of people are calling bs over this lifestyle. To put simply, I'm going to go with the simple and the mostly frugal. 

As for the career part, I'm already thinking of handing in application papers for two schools though I haven't worked on them yet considering having freelance written for so long, I wouldn't have any idea what to put in a would-be university teacher's resume. Add the fact that I have yet to finish my masters thesis and haven't really contacted/met with my thesis adviser for that matter, well, that's one lot of mess to sort through. 

This sure is one narcissistic post and I deemed that old fashioned just recently on twitter but then again, this is my blog and therefore it's like my personal space, too for a few things.   

Now, let's do our best this year. :)

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