Thursday, October 31, 2013

photo diary: dumaguete city

Almost a month spent in Dumaguete and all I had on the suitcase were a couple of white shirts, a couple of denim (staple) shorts and the usual black leggings and that single quilted leather skirt. I'm beginning to think that with the kind of wardrobe I currently am building, it's easier to pack stuff in suitcases. All that should be done is grab whatever and cram it right there, make sure everything fit right.

That month was also quite full of everything random from 6.0 magnitude earthquakes to jittery yet strong aftershocks, nerve-wracking and mind-numbing comprehensive exams, then a flight out to Manila to attend a wedding on a Sunday. In between were a birthday celebration, walks along the Rizal Boulevard---which now has a signage saying "I love Dumaguete" that many people take pictures of because it lights up at night---and bumming around the field in the uni, soaking in the wifi on ipad and iphone. Highlight has to be the two to three trips to Bonappetea taken because I apparently have become addicted to their Salt and Cheese Foam and now seem to want to try everything under there. I'll probably make do with the same thing that this one milktea place offers nearby.

Asians and their addiction to milktea, yes. I'm one of them. These milktea houses have been coming out like mushrooms it's difficult not to get addicted to them.

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