Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Flicking through photos on my phone, I found these which I asked my younger brother (he's too lazy to get up and take the photos at a better and closer angle, I can never count on him for outfit shots except for some...) to shoot...from across the road. Though the striped shirt and the vintage quilted leather skirt are somewhat visible (the sweater more than the skirt, really) and only portions of the ankle boots and clutch are, too, I thought this would suffice for a random update after one of many long blog silences I've been taking recently. I try to post more often but there's not much to document now that I'm currently living on what little I have packed---which includes the said skirt in the photo---in the suitcase for three weeks in Dumaguete City. (Comprehensive exams are next week, I'm getting the nerves and all...) 

The nights are getting colder or so I said to friends while walking back from a fastfood to the dorm after dinner therefore it's time to stock up on cold weather clothes. Oh and typhoons are once again frequenting every part of the Philippines (what fun is that? ...or not really). Already thinking about hitting the nearby thriftstore or two for cold weather clothes just because I left a lot of mine back home and have zero things to wear here during the cloudy, occasionally rainy cold days except the usual oversized white t-shirt, leggings, denim cut-offs and skirt. Bravo for hurried weather appropriate packing. It's the product of simply grabbing everything close to the suitcase and everything generic in the closet I'm literally living the minimalist lifestyle while here. Even the accessories are whittled down to a masculine-ish watch my dad gave me a few months ago. (Dad never stopped dressing me like a boy since eons ago.) But it sure is fun being a minimalist.

vintage quilted leather skirt and clutch (it's blood red but not pictured well, sadly), forever21 sweater, payless (fioni?) ankle boots

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