Tuesday, October 29, 2013

eastwood wonderland

It looks and feels like a theme park but it isn't. Say hi to Eastwood in the greater Northern Capital Region. It's not exactly my favorite place considering the crowd but hey, it's decent. It's nice to be among millions of people sometimes. Just...sometimes. Discussion via short messaging the day before this went exactly like: I can never understand why people from our city would like to move and settle for NCR (considering it's basically urban jungle out there and Cagayan de Oro is merely a fraction of it and Cebu is still even better than NCR.). Yep, we be the crazy Kagay-anons that we are...

My mother only ever indulges me in photoshoots rarely. This is one of them...at my plainest and nudest, too. Doesn't matter since I prefer it that way.

On some travels, I do pick up one or two fun things including the red top from Mixed Berry at the West Portal in Dumaguete City. It's nearest the university so we're not completely devoid of places to shop there. Should say this thing should be had in two colors, the red and the grey and I am currently berating myself why I never got the grey version. Not the most comfortable thing to wear since I often prefer the airy tops but it's decent enough to wear when you feel like dressing like a video game character...or something.

Side/extra note: my mother isn't exactly the best photographers around but she'll do...on most days.

The hoodie is quickly becoming a staple and rightfully so, considering the crazy wet and then dry the next weather we're having locally. It's good to be back in Cagayan de Oro and on my workstation. And of course, back to the daily routine before jetting off, two weeks from now, back to Dumaguete for thesis consultation and for compre updates. Here's to hoping to have had passed the remaining half of the comprehensive exams!

Mixed Berry top, vintage quilted leather skirt, forever21 shoes, vintage anne taylor loft hoodie

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