Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Really New to the Blogosphere

Well, hello there. Like what the title says, I'm not new to the blogosphere, particularly blogger or blogspot. I had an account in this particular blogging platform once until I decided to kill it and go back to my old blog site: Musings of a Free Spirit in LiveJournal. (All my recent posts are still there). I was too used to the platform there that I didn't bother changing blogging platforms until tonight. Mutual friends in LJ might end up missing me there but late midnight tonight, I'd decided it's for the best that all blogging---jculture or not---that I do will be moved here. So hey, re-welcome me into this part of the blogosphere. I'll try to make this worth your while like I did the old one. Or hope I did the old one.

What to expect of the blog? I'm an erratic and very random blogger. I don't think I should say anything in this matter. So, let's get to know one another here, shall we? 

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