Tuesday, August 28, 2012

more than the content

I've recently developed an obsession with vintage---and by vintage, I mean ancient---literary and esoteric (my reason for liking the esoteric: I never got over my penchant for the esoteric since my teen years) books while checking out the pages on vintage books for sale on Etsy. They give me dual benefits in aesthetics and tasteful reading. On the esoteric note, I found a book on tarot cards and reading from there and a few self-help books I like that aren't like the kinds you find in National Bookstore, the kind that teaches you to meditate and love yourself by doing so narcissistic as it may seem. Never did like the contemporary self-help books, I don't see them that relevant at this time. It's my mission now to find books of this kind from the local Booksale in SM and Gaisano Mall after coffee with my girls whom I miss so much from being in another place too long. On another note: I chose not to hotlink photos from the site sources hence they're on my photobucket and spare the owners hardship on maintaining their blogs. :)

Now playing: 佐伯ユウスケ(Saeki Yusuke) - ドシラ
Saeki Yusuke is amazing. Just saying. 

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