Tuesday, September 20, 2016

olive green

(photos: mine)

Back to regular blog posting because internet is finally back and more stable than before. I don't have to rely on pocket wifi anymore that's not only slow but also, really damn difficult to use when you're uploading photos and stuff that it only exacerbated some personal issues I'm still trying to deal with.

I'm partial to a lot of bodycons but I always have been into them anyway, just...I hardly get to wear them out unless they were skirts and stuff. This Uniqlo long shirt/tunic dress of sorts is actually a thrift find from eons ago, way back when the night market here was still thriving. I just never get to wear this thing out a lot as it's 3/4th sleeves long on the arms, very cozy yet warm and not appropriate for this 365-days long almost eternally summer weather/climate in this part of the world. I just thought about busting it out now because I thought it would be perfect for the not so cold, not so warm, cloudy weather situation of sorts outside. It's already the first of the -ber months so that explains the crazy, unpredictable weather/climate. It's usually the rainy season for us here and it makes me still itch to get the right wellies to wear when walking out in the rain and such granted it's again becoming a constant, and will be the case at least until December to January or even February later on.

I've also been busy traveling with an aunt two weeks ago so that explains the absence as well. I wasn't able to take photos because I suck. But we did get to go to an island beach strip across Hagonoy Island in Mangagoy and swim there to our hearts' content on the last day of our trip there, right before going home to here and the family vacation house in Jasaan the next morning. We also got to swim with the stingray in a fish-pen on the second day of the trip which was pretty scary and just amusingly weird at the same time. The ones taking care of the sea creatures in the fish pen assured us that the sting-rays' barbs have been removed so it was safe enough for just about anyone to swim with them then. Pretty cool experience all in all, and 10 times better than swimming at Enchanted River. As an aside, I've been to Enchanted River twice in this lifetime but never did I, in the two times I've been there, take a dip in the thing. I'm unnerved by it for some reason. The first time I went there, I just wandered around and people watched. Swimming in Britania is way, way better than swimming in Enchanted River and I'd even take an annual trip to Camiguin over that one either. I think the situation at Enchanted River just reminds me so much of the number of times my grandmother took me and a cousin to the cold springs for swimming. Cold springs are known to be terribly crowded with locals and visitors alike here so I generally avoid them. If I'm there, I don't even bother swimming (not a fan of cold water) and would much prefer the hot springs (Ardent in Camiguin Island being the closest and my default favorite) deep in the night until midnight.

Highlight of the trip, definitely so much sea food. We got to eat sea urchin...different kinds of sea urchin. Fresh ones were had when we were in the island on the last day of the trip. My pescetarian heart was happy and satisfied then. 10/10, would definitely do all over again even if the 12 hours travel time by bus was the hardest part of it. A long drive from here to there would definitely be more ideal if one is able to drive and have his/her own car/vehicle.

dress/tunic, ankle boots all vintage; Coach pouch/mobile phone holder; bracelets/bangles, a mix of forever21, souvenir shop and vintage finds; dad's sunglasses; choker, Verano; long necklace with leaf pendant, forever21

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