Saturday, December 5, 2015

hello from philadelphia

And finally, I got to use the beanie from Terranova bought eons ago. Going onto the second day of being in Philadelphia, nearest the conference center. Swapping the heels for something more comfortable tomorrow. That's in the cards for tomorrow after having gone through blocks and blocks of alternate limping and walking through to the hotel for dinner, rest and sleep. The latter was done fitfully well. 

Surprisingly, 11 degrees celsius from early morning to mid-afternoon isn't so bad as it is tolerable in layers but I'm not that experienced in layering much so the sun shining up high and hitting whatever was on the ground was a blessing I preferred mostly to stay on them than to bear the coldness of the city in the shade. That or the heated indoors. I really likely won't survive anywhere that's cold including those that have four seasons yearly. Yep, eternal tropical denizen indeed. I love the heat so much, even the extreme one, I'm missing it after just a day and the night before in Philadephia at this time. 

coat, sweater and bag, thrifted; skirt, Mixed Berry; beanie, Terranova; scarf, (I don't really recall anymore where from...); tights, either sm or robinsons department store Burlington; pointed heels via Footstep

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