Sunday, March 1, 2015

ongoing obsession with a '90s trend: the slipdress

While everyone within Twitter (any social media, including facebook and blogging platform, Tumblr) vicinity were discussing what WhoWhatWear dubbed a "rather unattractive" blue-black/white-gold dress a couple days ago - I swear I had just been lurking around there the whole time then and surely some are still catching up to the hype - I have been nursing a week-long obsession with the 90s, Kate Moss-inspired trend, slip dresses... And ways to make them functional when out on the streets. 

(photos from whowhatwear)

The thing is that...lately, I seem to be having an influx of them in my closet here where I go to university for grad school and back home. All of them are lovely vintage finds I'm not sure how I keep running into them but I get them when I can anyway. I also seem to have an affinity for them so every time I run into a nice slip dress or something that resembles it, I make sure to leave space in my shopping bag for those. 

 (photo from fashiontoast)

My reason/s for stocking up on them? It's mainly that they are the easiest to grab onto and don either on a hot summer day or on some nights out to dinner with myself or with some friends. I've done the latter (and even during dinner out with myself, I dragged myself in it, randomly, briefly cavorting downtown to get groceries at around 8-9 in the evening before going back home at that time) to the two that I have in my uni town wardrobe arsenal. I've yet to do the former which is something I'm looking forward to as March is officially in and it's summer in the tropical region of the world I'm in.

Slip dresses aside, I'm definitely nursing a sleep wear obsession because the circuits in my head tell me that they're the best things to wear on most lazy days and nights - you can sleep in them, you also can go out in them if you dared (and I actually do, so heh...). This include sleep rompers, silky/satiny pajamas, etc.

....and because it's a Sunday today and I've just handed in my thesis paper to my adviser late afternoon yesterday, it's time to get off my computer and do some chores... then maybe go downtown to look into some things. Yep.

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