Tuesday, January 6, 2015

hi 2015

1. and 2. What I wish I wore out yesterday vs
3. What I ended up wearing minus the flats which were re-translated into vintage laced-up boots I've probably been holding onto since forever...

And in which case, there's a notable disconnect between the post content and the title but hi, 2015! I am well aware I did not do any year-end post for the recently concluded year but holidays at home have been so busy I couldn't spend much time online. Other than that, the storm that just passed us by may have broken the wifi or internet connection at home so I've been sparse online recently, including on social media (Twitter). No matter. At least it leaves me to focus on a lot of things, especially school and that shop on tumblr that'll be updated on Friday this week. Regarding the internet connection thing, I do have the smartbro plug-it which I love to abuse when I'm in Dumaguete City or when I'm traveling around the country however it's bothersome to use when at home when there are other alternatives such as being in my favorite cafe (CBTL/Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves). ....however commercial - as commercial as Starbucks - the cafe may be. I normally prefer those that serve local coffee, tea among others but there's not much cafes to choose from when in Cagayan de Oro City apparently so here I am, in CBTL, Lim Ket Kai. 

The denim vest...I unearthed this one from my box I sent home from Dumaguete City when I was last home around between October and November last year. I thought I'd lost it but turns out it was just lying around in a box from the dorm. And demin vests...they never really die. This one is a pretty old one from Old Navy. Denim stays classic, straight from the 90s which is probably one of my favorite fashion eras.  

Because yesterday, the rain continued on until the late afternoon, I ended up going out in the thrifted knit zip-up jacket and beanie from Daiso, now my favorite store to get everything random which is...I don't really know much about either. I just wander there once in a while. The place has some interesting stuff in there at affordable prices which is cool. (And on the recent trip, a pair of Hello Kitty earphones were purchased because I needed earphones. I figure I was reliving the obsession of one of my early grade school friends when I decided, spur of the moment, to get those. They have yet to be used because I'm currently abusing headphones more for the sake of listening to a lot of electronic dance music. EDM just doesn't sound so good when one listens to it through the earphones...)

As for resolutions, because I figure everyone or almost everyone has them, I don't have any resolutions for 2015 not only because I see them overrated but more because there's really no use to me having them. I wouldn't follow them through either way. So here's to more of 2015, I hope. 

1. & 2. (favorite) vintage dress, forever21 ankle boots and cuff, old navy denim vest; 3. Daiso beanie, gifted shirt (from Hongkong), vintage denim cut-offs and navy knit jacket, BDG flats, forever21 necklace

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