Friday, May 24, 2013

should probably bring out new colors

Test drove the nth pair of ankle boots recently acquired from the Payless Shoes branch in Centrio today as I ran around Pabayo-Gomez Sts. and then to Velez-Hayes Sts. for random errands. It says its Fioni on the purple and pink girly box and the tag. I don't know either. It was on sale at merely 800+ Php and thus was too hard to resist. (Plus it reminded me of one of the older Jessica Simpsons I fell in love with or that Jessica Simpson Callian ankle boots I've been meaning to get, only simpler.) Needless to say it was my first foray at the Payless Shoe branch in Ayala Centrio right after lunch with relatives and the family yesterday. I browsed through their branch in Lim Ketkai Center not too long ago and found a few things I liked but never bought anything until this happened yesterday. Hmn...probably one of the most chaotic stores around due to how footwear is arranged though there's really not much people in it save for me and the couple of women with a kid whom they were buying school shoes for. One dutifully examined one of the boots I was about to pay for at the cashier probably wondering what I'd use these for. Notorious ankle boots wearer. Yes. 

The two doggies wouldn't move away earlier today...end result: the second snap. They're probably two of my favorite beings inside the house. Fluffy. Check. Tiger-like and fierce. Check. They're shih-tzus. Semi-miniscule toy-dogs.

skirt, Target (mossimo & co.); t, random brand; boots, payless shoes; bag, secondhand ninewest

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