Saturday, May 25, 2013

red, black and bunny ears

(photos by Jan Michelle Dumlao)

Posting some stuff late from a random, not-so-impromptu shoot not so long ago with my loves, JM and Mimi. We were chitchatting, catching up on random things with one another with cake and home made chai tea prior to that in JM's room. I'd love to do this again next time. :) These came out nicely.

The bunny ears aren't made of lace as I wished it would be. I just couldn't find a good lace to use around craft shops. I used black tulle instead hence the transparency along background wires.

The tee is the first one from F21 Men's. Likely to get some more from that intriguing section Forever21's site has. Black bodycon skirt? Currently on endless repeat/loop addiction status, yes.

 tee, skirt, stacked bangles and shoes, f21; clutch, vintage; bangles, necklace and thin rings, from some randoms local store; sunglasses, random; bunny ears headband, diy

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