Thursday, November 13, 2014

from a couple weeks ago

(photos by Candice Calonia. Thanks so much, b!)

Really late post. I swear I don't mean to fall off the face of the earth when I go back to Dumaguete City for school and yes, it's all because I'm finally finishing my last semester of graduate school. No one knows what's going to happen after this not even myself. I've been busy working on revising my Master's thesis proposal so far and colloqium is around the corner already so I've been sparse even in both accounts on twitter lately. Oh and instagram as well. It doesn't exactly mean I have abandoned anything.

I still do hang out with some friends from time to time but even they are sparse these days. I probably need to acquire new ones. Sort of. But being the usual introvert I am, I'm not that lonely, really. Basically just stressed now because of, well, a lot of work to do and I've been spending days on end in the library I've probably forgotten what civilization looks like. Yep, I dunno exactly anymore either.

Lately, it's been school-rented pad-school-and sometimes McDonalds' so far I'm a very normal college graduate school student, finally though I don't hang out in the graduate school section of the library too often. I love the second floor of the Silliman University library too much to mingle with co-gradschool students in the first floor. It's also been so hot these days my current wardrobe consists of denim shorts and a lot of tanks and camis later covered up with a hoodie when I'm freezing in the arctic...library.

Also, walking. When in Dumaguete City, there's so much walking to be had I've been ignoring pedicabs wanting to take me anywhere for a fare (fee) of 9 Php. Why ride when you can walk early in the morning or late in the evening and get exercise from that as well?

And it will be awhile before I ever get home so I might as well make the best of being here at this point. 

Oh and my special skills apparently now include carrying two to three things at the same time in one hand including coffee cups. I normally take mine iced regularly now. 

vintage boots, bag and curdoroy jacket; Mixed Berry skirt; hanes t.

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