Friday, October 10, 2014


(my and Jan Michelle's photos)

1. A tad bit too small for me---I'm not a size 5 and am more of a size 7 but it seemed like a good-fit-for-me size 5 when I first tried it on---slip-on flats I found at the local Footstep. That place is multitudes of affordable footwear in style heaven, I swear.
2-3; 5-6. One shirt worn in different ways. This is about to be the 12th hour I am wearing the thing since this morning. I'll likely sleep in it. It's a lovely find from Savemore in Capistrano which is really more of a grocery store than a department store... Funny story, my brother must've thought it was for him, since it's actually a guy's shirt, when he found it in the grocery cart that time we were there.
4. Obsessed with the leather chair and the crate box-turned-coffee table at the Coffee Bean and Co. branch by Lim Ketkai Center; and, of course, my favorite iced chai tea latte
7. And lookie! I found a solo box of Acai Berry juice! I swear to get the bigger one next time. :D /addicted.

Savemore/SM Surplus men's baseball shirt; ShopWAGW faux leather shorts; Spartan (via Footstep) slip-ons, levis cutoffs; vintage boots, bag; 2nd hand Anne Klein hoodie